Overview of this blog

I am creating this blog to offer suggestions for people who are seeking to explore life in new ways, and manage difficult emotions and experiences. I have trained in counselling, theology, psychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalytic studies and philosophy. Whilst as a counsellor I believe that change comes primarily through finding relationships in which we can be seen, valued and heard within a non judgmental setting, there are also various things that we can do that help us live more creatively. Some of these ideas wont work for you! Whilst we have got significant evidence of activities which can help us in various ways, we are all different and the ideas I write about wont suit anybody. If you are seeking to try and understand or change aspects of who you are, I would always suggest talking with someone that you can trust alongside these ideas. I welcome feedback around how you have found any of these activities! If you would like further information around how I work please feel free to look at my website: http://www.richardpicklescounselling.co.uk

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